What Makes C4 Unique?

Comprehensive Athletic Performance Training

We offer universal and tailored workouts for individuals and teams. Our classes are developed to give every athlete the raw tools and confidence to reach peak performance in a fun and encouraging environment.

Youth Fitness

You can go anywhere to get a good workout. But at C4, we ensure your child will have fun and instill a desire for them to continue their fitness journey.

Whether your child wants to learn how to exercise properly or you have a young athlete that wants to get to the next level in their sport, C4 can help them achieve their goals.


Our programs help the inexperienced child build foundational strength, flexibility, posture and agility in a motivating and challenging environment. For the more experienced athletes, we help them get faster, stronger and more agile than they ever thought possible. We focus on acceleration, top-speed running techniques, and multi-directional speed including agility and ability to decelerate and move in any direction quickly. By utilizing basic strength programming, your athlete will build upon their physical foundation and maximize their performance.

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Back to Field

With our expert coaching staff, your athlete will learn the fundamentals of movement, with a focus on safety.

C4 is the final piece in your athlete’s journey back to the field. Not only do we work on the physical aspects of the injury, but the mental aspect as well. This can often be the biggest obstacle returning to the field.

We teamed up with the area’s premier sports medicine and orthopedic professionals to create our Back to Field protocol. These protocols allow our team to carefully and precisely measure an athlete’s recovery.  C4 offers a comprehensive proprietary testing procedure that allows us to identify imbalances, weaknesses, development and potential injury.  At C4, we ensure that your athlete does not return to their sport until our team of care providers all agree that the athlete is fully prepared to return. A real win win for physicians and their athletes.

C4 is affiliated with the Rothman Institute and works directly with their doctors to aid in the recovery of sports injuries. Mike has helped over 150 athletes recover from ACL injuries over the past 30 years.

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Team and SMALL Group Training

Performance training focused on team improvement and coordination.

We offer customizable team training programs for local organizations. Get your entire team ready for the upcoming season!


C4’s Small Group Training goes beyond our standard classes, offering a specialized approach to help you reach your goals. Tailored for groups of 2-4 athletes in grades 7 and up, this program targets specific areas for improvement, enhances strengths, and elevates on-field performance. With a focus on running mechanics, top-end speed, mobility, and change of direction, our sessions are designed to optimize your athletic abilities.

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