"We could not be happier with our experience at C4 performance and Mike McGee. Our two children, Mitchell and Morgan, ages 15 and 17, had ACL tears and reconstructive surgery. This is a 10 month recovery process. After each one completed the initial physical therapy they went to work with Mike McGee at C4. Mike was fantastic in preparing them to pass the "return to play" test. He worked with them for 4-5 months (2 times/week). He focused on rehabilitating the injured knee while making sure the injured knee was as strong as the non injured one at the end of the 5 months. He also documented their progress along the way. He spent one on one time helping with the mental aspect of this long injury. Mitchell and Morgan enjoyed each visit and always felt like they were moving in the right direction while working hard each time. Mike expected hard work but was dedicated to making sure they understood the exercises and why they were doing them. Mike was extremely knowledgeable about the ACL injury and the rehabilitation process and the right exercises so that they continued to make progress on a weekly basis. Mike got to know each child individually while focusing on their individual strengths, weaknesses and sports goals. Both of my children continue to see Mike after they have been cleared so that they can continue to stay strong and healthy while back on the playing field and Mike continues to follow their sports careers. We would highly recommend C4 and Mike McGee. "
Trudy M
"Logan and I had our first meeting at C4 fitness and I was blown away by Charan what a great guy....when your kids hurt and transitioning from this to that and here to there we have been blessed from Dr. Dodson to Tom and now to Charan...can't wait for this last part of this journey and truly excited to have Charan bring Logan to the finish line!!!!! P.S. He's going to pair Logan up with a Malvern kid a fogo...Charan says he likes to match kids up with similar athleticism drive and competitiveness to really push each other I forgot the kid name!!!"
Chris O
"C4 helps me both mentally and physically. Every class is different and works full body, it is never BORING! It helps keep me young and makes working out not a chore."
Heidi K.
"C4 has taught me that our bodies are stronger than we believe and we are only able to see that with great coaches who constantly motivate us to do our best."
Cristina G.
"My experience at c4 was a blast, in my opinion having fun is the best way to get exercise. C4 has the whole package. Great instructors, working out with your friends, getting great exercise and having lots of fun. If I were you, I would sign up for C4 and get exercising!"
Matthew W.
"The workouts are amazing and so are the trainers. They make everything fun while still getting a amazing workout. Thanks C4!"
Justin R.
"I recently started the adult grind and grid classes with Jack and Mike. Really great, challenging workouts! Lots of variety in exercises and the trainers push you to do your best in a positive way. My conditioning is better then ever, my friend who goes to the classes too lost 15 lbs. in a month."
Justin R.
"Signed up and love the adult lessons. Mike is a great coach who programs balanced workouts that push me to keep improving."
Chris A.
"I started training with Jack almost two months ago and it has been awesome to already start seeing improvements in strength in such a short amount of time. I’ve been to many gyms over the years and C4 is top of the line when it comes to equipment, knowledge, and trainers. It’s ob"
Miss Cris
"My son started C4 with group classes a year ago after two foot surgeries to correct a birth issue and he loved Mike McGee and all of the C4 coaches! They all gave him the personal attention that was much needed. Since then, he has also picked up personal training with Mike Ward and is getting an excellent, personalized, e"
Courtney O.
"Improved my vertical almost two inches and got much quicker!"
Christine C.
"Yeah it’s kinda Donny bet I’m ngl to u get swole pump some iron kick sum booty."
Anna M.
"I love coming here everyday and putting in work that will help in season. The workouts are specifically made to help for whatever sport you are working to get better and stronger at."
Liza B.
"The trainers at C4 are awesome and they encourage you to push yourself so you can accomplish many things. The environment is a lot of fun and safe. I LOVE C4!" 🙂 🙂
Lauren J.
"They answer all my questions and teach me how to workout properly. They also push me to do my best."
Chris E.
"The staff specializes workouts for me, and the culture is like a family. Everyone is friendly and will get to know you."
Owen M.
"This place is amazing. 5/5. Recommend to everyone. I get a great workout in while being in a safe environment. The trainers are excellent and make you become the best athlete you could be. They are the best and so is C4!"
Anna N.
"Amazing class with very good trainers who motivate me to do my best and push myself."
Lauren L.
"Great place to train to get to the next level and awesome instructors!"
Sami A.
"C4 is a great place to be. I always have so much fun while getting in shape at the same time. The trainers are super nice and always push you to do the best as you can with a positive spirit!"
Page L.
"I have such a fun time at C4 and feel myself becoming mentally and physically stronger!!!!"
Samantha S.
"Since starting I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and the coaches. Training once or twice a week really gets you in shape and helps you interact with people you don't know and your friends. Mike and Nick are the best in the area and really know what they are doing. Whether you are 9 or 19 C4 is"
Samuel C.